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Advanced Analytics

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Unleash the Power of Algorithmic & Automated Trading

MultiCharts is a professional charting and automated trading platform, designed for futures, stock, and forex traders. A key feature of MultiCharts is the compatibility with industry-standard TradeStation® EasyLanguage®. EasyLanguage® studies can be customized, optimized, and back-tested prior to implementing them on the real market.

MultiCharts includes very powerful and flexible charting that handles multi-symbol and multi-timeframe charts, and works with most leading streaming data vendors. Time-based and Count-based, as well as Bid, Ask, or Trade-based data series can be mixed within the same chart.

According to a reviews in Technical Analysis of STOCKS & COMMODITIES, the premier magazine for technical traders, "TS Support has come up with something that is fast, flexible, and robust. They seem to have considered the needs of every type of trader when they developed [MultiCharts]."  Please read this and other reviews of MultiCharts by leading financial magazines.

MultiCharts delivers an excellent value for the money!

Learn more about Licensing, Pricing & Purchase conditions before ordering and select the type of license that suits you best:

Lifetime license at $1497 — the best value

PRO Version at $9900 — for institutional customers

Annual license at $797
(~$66 per month)

Semiannual license at $497
(~$82 per month)

Quarterly license at $297
(~$99 per month)

Do not have comprehensive data service subscription?
Add Barchart's real-time data feeds from $49/m.

Features and Advantages:
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  High-Definition Charting  
  Advanced Analytics  
  Strategy Back-Testing & Optimization  
  Real-Time Market Scanner  
  Automated Trading  
  Powerful Data Management  

Extensive Choice of Analysis Techniques with Advanced Options
[an error occurred while processing this directive]MultiCharts comes with over two hundred pre-built studies for an in-depth market analysis, covering the most popular trading concepts and indicators. This comprehensive library includes traditional as well as state-of-the-art studies. A key advantage of [an error occurred while processing this directive]MultiCharts is that any study's code can easily be modified. Nearly any custom indicator can also be created from scratch. The analysis techniques in [an error occurred while processing this directive]MultiCharts have a number of advanced options:

Custom Alerts
All indicators have the built-in standard alerts, which can be used as-is or modified. Custom alert criteria can also be written using the EasyLanguage®. An alert can be chosen to suit your needs - visual, audio and e-mail as well as a custom sound or text. Alerts can be set to be triggered intra-bar or on close of a bar.

Screenshot (click to enlarge):

Study Templates
Often a number of indicators are used as a set, and several of these sets are routinely interchanged. Study templates, incorporating the particular indicators for each set, can be created once and then applied anytime, with just one click, to any chart. You can easily switch between different templates, or apply several templates at once.

Screenshot (click to enlarge):

Study Customization & Flexibility
Every visual aspect of each study's appearance can be customized, providing unmatched flexibility in presenting the data. Here is a partial list of the customization options:
• The overall appearance of the study, the type, color, style, and weight of every plot
• Use an indicator on an indicator
• Remove all studies or drawings with a single click
• Visual order of indicators and price series
• Specify or auto-detect the maximum number of bars that the study will reference
• Select the data stream for the study to be based on
• Last price marker on or off for every study plot
• Screen, entire data series, user defined, or same as symbol scale type
• Linear or semi-log axes
• Reveal market information with Volume Profile chart

Screenshots (click to enlarge):


In addition to the above studies, [an error occurred while processing this directive]MultiCharts offers the unique add-on techniques from third party vendors. Those techniques are not mere indicators - they're real trading methods. These methods' algorithms are not transparent, and a payment of license fees is required for their use.
EasyLanguage® Compatibility
[an error occurred while processing this directive]MultiCharts is the only independent platform that supports EasyLanguage® to a maximum possible extent. There is no need to learn a new language - custom studies can be created in industry-standard EasyLanguage®, and any already existing techniques can simply be imported from the ELA\ELS\ELD archives [view the Importing and exporting studies movie]. Studies are first translated into C++ and then efficiently compiled, resulting in the extremely fast execution speed that is so critical for handling very large volumes of data. Nearly all of the advanced capabilities of EasyLanguage®, including custom DLLs, are supported by [an error occurred while processing this directive]MultiCharts.

Screenshots (click to enlarge):


Intelligent Drawing Tools
A broad range of intelligent drawing tools, for highlighting trends, gaps, and other price patterns, is provided. In addition to the usual visual parameters (color, style, weight, and font), the actual coordinate values can be edited for a greater degree of accuracy. Simply click and drag with the mouse to draw, resize, move, rotate, or extend Trendlines, Gann Fans, Support & Resistance lines, or other objects. Drawings can be cloned, or completely removed, or their visual order changed, all with a single click of the mouse.

Screenshot (click to enlarge):

Built-in Volume Profile Histogram
[an error occurred while processing this directive]MultiCharts features a built-in advanced analytical tool - a volume profile histogram, which displays the transaction volume at each price level that the security has traded at over a time period. The price range to base the volume profile on, the style, and other parameters can easily be set.

Screenshot (click to enlarge):

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Latest Events

June 29
We are starting beta-testing of MultiCharts 6.0 Beta 4.

September 10
We are glad to announce the release of MultiCharts 5.5!

September 10
Users of MultiCharts's can now subscribe to Barchart's real-time data feeds from $49/m.

February 10
MultiCharts received GOLD in Trade2Win's 2008 Members' Choice Awards.

Devember 8
Free MCFX PRO is now also available with Forex.com

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